For the Medicine of Tomorrow

Our motto is "For the Medicine of Tomorrow" because I believe in investing in a holistic, sustainable and grassroots approach to human and planetary health. My offerings are an invitation to reclaim your birth right to work with plants and plant medicine. Seeds are magical.
They literally hold genetic material of the future. To be able to hold that in your hand is quite empowering!

The simple act of saving and starting seeds is one that will deepen your sense of independence from a system that has failed many in terms of access to health care and healthy food.  Tending plants will also shift your attention toward your interdependence with the natural world.  Full disclosure... the feeling you get from raising plants from seed may become so addictive that you'll have to start a seed business to justify the obsession ;-)

This obsession turned business is the work I offer to help us start down a new path. Simple solutions are needed to complex problems so that everyone can play a role in shaping our future. By working with seeds and plants you are joining a growing movement, one with mother nature leading the way.  Our role is to humbly care take for her and to show deep gratitude for the bountiful harvests she provides.

Seed security means many small-scale sources of sustainably and ethically grown seed. Mass produced seed that is grown overseas in specific regions, using fossil fuel dependent systems, and distributed through a complex supply chain causes a dangerous dependency.  During times of climate and economic uncertainty, one weather or political event could mean lack of access to seed for farmers and gardeners in one season.   For this reason, we will continue to expand our selection of high quality, small scale and sustainably grown seed, "For the Medicine of Tomorrow".

-Jessica Manchester

Owner & Founder, Earthbeat Seeds