Meet Our Growers...

Proof that anything is possible through collaboration, I am blessed to have been able to create this land based business before being able to acquire the farm.  Thanks to a supportive community of growers that believe in this work, we can continue to expand our selection and provide high quality seed to our customers while calling in the land for Earthbeat Seeds to call home.  All of our seed offerings were sustainably and ethically grown by the following caretakers:

Jessica Manchester of Earthbeat Seeds in Worcester, VT

Erin O'Hara of Turtle Hill Native Plants in Montpelier, VT

Michael Pilarski of Friends of the Trees Botanicals in Port Hadlock, WA

Matt Dybala of Herb Pharm in Williams, OR

Michael Essig of Sustainable Sorcerers in Olivebridge, NY

Peg Schafer of Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm in Petaluma, CA

Maat James of Natural Bonsai in Estacada OR

Vermont Wildflower Farm in Hinesburg, VT

Tony DiMaggio of Sacred Blossom Farm in Mondovi, WI


And a big thank you to Ilana Sobo of Shakti Botanica and Marissa Alfiero for thier amazing plant descriptions you will find on our product pages, and to Erin O'Hara of Turtle Hill Native Plants for his photo contributions!