Wholesale Displays & Discounts

Earthbeat Seeds offers two beautiful wooden reatil seed displays, bulk wholesale pricing on our seed collections, and discount codes for herbal schools.

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40 Variety Floor Display

Our beautiful wooden floor display contains 40 of our best selling medicinal herbs, pollinator attractors, and our 3 very popular boxed seed collections. This display is perfect for food co-op, garden centers, nurseries and farm stores and compliments vegetable and flower seed displays perfectly as there is usually no cross over of varieties. Help make your store an important local resource center for natural and sustainable living by carrying our seeds!

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Countertop Seed Collection Display

Our cute little countertop display really pulls its weight, holding up to 30 of our attractive seed collections in a 14"x12"x9" space! Your customers will love the ease of planning a pollinator, medicinal herb or tea garden with one of these themed kits. Our seed collections also make great gift items at popular price points.

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Bulk Seed Collection Pricing

We also offer our seed collections at bulk wholesale pricing to schools, educators, non-profits and small retailers to include our seed collections as part of a herbalism or gardening course, unique fundraiser for scholarship programs and community gardens, or for resale. Or, you can simply organize a community bulk order to share the savings!

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