Arnica, Meadow (Arnica chamissonis)

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Native to alpine areas of the mountainous West, Meadow Arnica can be easier to grow than the famed European Arnica montana. This species of Arnica is considered medicinally interchangeable with the European species Arnica montana.

Arnica is a member of the daisy family and much beloved as an ally for soothing sore muscles, for reducing inflammation and to help with bruises and recovery from physical trauma. Arnica is one of the best herbal remedies to apply in cases of bruising, torn muscles, or any trauma to the muscular-skeletal system. It is pain relieving topically. Applied right after a trauma, Arnica can help prevent bruising, swelling and pain and can help to significantly speed up the healing process.  Arnica is also very helpful for relieving symptoms of tendonitis, arthritis and general body pain.

Due to some toxicity, this herb is rarely taken internally but shines as a topical ally and as a homeopathic preparation. In the garden Arnica is lovely and has flowers that will attract bees, butterflies, moths and other beneficial insects. Arnica is in high demand in the herbal world and makes a great plant for a medicinal first aid garden.