Tobacco, Hopi (Nicotiana rustica)

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Hopi Tobacco is a ceremonial Tobacco native to the rainforests of North and South America that has a very high nicotine content. Over time, seeds of this plant made thier way to the American Southwest region to be cultivated for centuries by the Hopi Nation where Hopi Tobacco is considered a sacred ceremonial plant. Also called Nicotiana rustica, this plant has rounded leaves and clusters of small yellow flowers.

All parts of the plant contain nicotine which is a strong stimulant. The leaves were once worked with medicinally over centuries and were considered a valuable antispasmodic, cathartic, emetic, narcotic and sedative. Though today, people are cautioned against such uses. Leaves were also used externally as a poultice for rheumatism, skin diseases and insect bites. Hopi Tobacco has a powerful presence in the garden and is considered a steward plant. One can make a home-made insecticide by crushing the leaves of Hopi Tobacco and soaking them and then spraying affected plants with the mixture. This special Tobacco seems to take on a glow in the evening and under the moonlight and makes a good edition to a silvery moon garden.