Angelica, Official (Angelica archangelica)

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This extraordinary medicinal plant is native to Europe and Asia and became famous over the middle ages for its panacea like healing gifts. One legend dates the name Angelica to a time when an angel appeared to a monk in a dream and revealed that this plant could cure the plague that was raging through Europe at the time.

A uniquely warming bitter tonic, Angelica serves as a powerful cold and flu ally and is among the most revered plants for conditions associated with dampness and phlegm in the lungs and spleen and weakness in the digestive system. Hardy to Zone 3, this biennial's roots are harvested for medicine in the first year and the stalks can be candied.

The seeds make a lovely aromatic addition to any dish. If you allow Angelica to flower in its second year, it will produce huge globe like umbel flowers that attract honeybees and other pollinators.

Seed requires 30 days moist/cold stratification for germination.