Calendula, Orange (Calendula officinalis)

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Calendula is a must have for every medicinal garden across the world. Their seeds are wild looking, inviting us to grow and grow this amazing plant ally. Simple to start from seed, Calendula blooms are bold and beautiful with tones ranging from pale orange to bright electric tangerine, depending on the variety.

Our seed will provide bright orange blossoms with a range of single to double blooms. The flowers and bracts of calendula are also among the most helpful medicinal allies in existence. The bracts emit a sticky resin that is highly antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral. Thus Calendula has broad applications in botanical medicine from being supportive for our digestive, lymph, reproductive and immune systems. Providing great assistance in the healing of tissue both internally and externally, Calendula is safe for the whole family's use. Calendula has regenerative gifts and can greatly encourage the healing and recovery of cuts and wounds as well as help heal the lining of our internal mucus membranes.

Calendula is also a very beneficial plant in the garden, makes a nice cover crop, traps pest insects and invites beneficial insects like lacewigs, ladybugs and hoverflies. The petals can be added to salads and meals and look beautiful in a fresh meal. They also make gorgeous cut flowers that shine on the table. This is definitely a plant to grow for both a home first aid kit and for pleasure both.