Catnip, Official (Nepeta cataria)

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With a Lemony-mint scent, Catnip is a delight in the garden and easy to grow from seed. One of the immediate gifts Catnip brings to the garden is the ability to keep many pests away including mosquitos and flies. In fact, some studies show that Catnip can out compete DEET as a mosquito repellent.  A perennial mint, Catnip has soft light green downy leaves and small clusters of white or lavender flowers that grow on spikes.

Catnip is well known as a favorite to cats and also attracts bees, butterflies and other important pollinators. Catnip is a gentle and relaxing herbal nervine that is especially well indicated for children and babies with proper dosage. This plant also shines as a medicinal ally to help relax and the smooth muscles of the intestines and help quell symptoms of cold and flu in various ways.