Chamomile, German (Matricaria recutita)

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German Chamomile is among the most famous of medicinal herbs in the world. This sweet aromatic annual has delicate finely cut leaves and lovely small daisy like flowers. In the aster family, slightly bitter Chamomile has been employed as a digestive and nervous system tonic for thousands of years.

Chamomile’s earliest record of use goes back to ancient times. According to the Eber’s Papyrus, dated 1550 BC, ancient Egyptians used the herb to honor the gods, embalm the dead and cure the sick. Throughout Europe, medicinal use of Chamomile has been recorded since the 1st century.

Today, Chamomile remains a top-selling herb in the tea marketplace and is indicated for a variety of health challenges ranging from irritation, insomnia, gas, acidity, colic, bloating, pain relief among other things. Chamomile is anti spasmodic, anti inflammatory and helpful as an external wash for cuts, wounds and swollen eyes. Chamomile is especially indicated for children due to its gentle effects and calming nervine gifts.