Heal All (Prunella vulgaris)

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With a name like Heal All or Self Heal, Prunella vulgaris has famously made their way across the world to become an incredibly well known and valuable medicinal plant. Thought to have originated in Europe, Heal All is now found in many parts of western Europe, Japan, China and all throughout North America.

The small sweet flowers are tubular in shape, and the upper lip forms a purple hood, while the lower lip has 3 lobes and is white in color. They have tough sometimes red tipped leaves that stand out amongst other foliage. Self Heal is self-pollinating and lies low to the ground creating stunning cover on borders or across hilly areas.

As a medicinal ally, if you can think of ailment, it is said that Heal All can help through the highly antibacterial, astringent, vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and hemostatic virtues. Anything from internal bleeding to heart trouble to topical treatment for cuts and wounds is thought to be assisted by Prunella.