Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

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Lemon Balm is one of the most beloved herbal medicines in the world of Western botanical medicine. Yielding a very delicious lemony taste and uplifting scent, this herbaceous perennial is prolific and makes a vital addition to any aromatic and medicinal garden.

Melissa officinalis has been worked with medicinally for many centuries and was considered a very sacred plant to the honeybee priestesses of Ancient Greece called Melissae who worshipped the goddess Artemis. It is said that Lemon Balm/Melissa grew outside of their temples and was a patron plant for honeybees who would flock to the flowers. And indeed, the Honeybee and other pollinators love this amazing plant.

Medicinally, Lemon Balm is a gentle nervine, antispasmodic and a rather incredible anti viral plant as well. The many other medicinal properties lend Melissa to be used an ally for stress, insomnia and in helping quell colds and flu. The leaves make a delicious herbal tea and a nice cooling iced tea in the warmer months too.