Motherwort, Official (Leonurus cardiaca)

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This special plant is native to southeastern Europe and central Asia and over time was brought to many places around the world as a medicinal plant. Since then it has naturalized across North America and elsewhere. If we are lucky, we can find stands of Motherwort in the wild which are beautiful set out in nature with their distinct foliage and flowers. A mint family plant, this gorgeous perennial has spikey pink flowers and a square stem.

When it is in bloom, it will be full of happy bees, especially bumble bees and other winged friends too. Leonurus Cardiaca is the Latin name of Motherwort which translates to “lion heart”. And indeed, this wildflower is of supreme benefit medicinally to assist with anxiety and/or fear that can affect the heart or where courage may need to be restored. It is also one of the best herbal remedies for exhaustion, grief and panic. This plant gets its common name Motherwort from being known to be a support to mothers, especially new mothers, who may struggle with potential burnout. The aerial parts are a bitter digestive tonic as well. When we talk about ally plants, Motherwort is among the most cherished and beloved and it makes a lovely addition to anyone’s medicinal or pollinator garden.