Ramp- Wild Leek (Allium tricoccum)

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Ramps are a native plant found in the moist woodlands of eastern North America. Also called wild leeks and wild onions (Allium tricoccum), these plants were once only found in the wild.  Ramps have a flavor that blends spring onions and garlic and are delicious eaten on their own or added to dishes to bring sophisticated flavor to food. Their pinkish/white flower emerges as the leaves are fading and are very lovely

Due to their newfound fame amongst foragers and chefs alike, Ramps have become a specialty food item and are now highly sought after.  The demand for this cherished wild food is especially intense in the south where ramps have become endangered and have been added to the United Plant Saver's at-risk plant list.  However, they can be cultivated in a forest garden and actually have a much better germination rate when planted with a human touch.  A sure sign we have evolved with this plant ally.