Rhodiola, Russian (Rhodiola rosea)

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A perennial plant, Rhodiola is native to the Arctic and dry high-altitude regions of Asia, Europe and other areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Common names for Rhodiola include Golden Root, Arctic root and Roseroot. The latter of the names describing the rose like scent of its yellow flowers and rhizomes. Rhodiola is in the Crassulaceae plant family which is made up of many succulents and includes the genus Sedum.

Rhodiola has earned great fame in the past decades. Research continues to demonstrate their incredible gifts as an apoptogenic herb that strengthens the body’s resistance to the effects of both physical and emotional stress. Backed by many centuries of traditional use, Rhodiola can help counteract stress-related challenges and enhance stamina and strength. They also help quell anxiety and enhances memory.

Requires 90 days moist/cold stratification.